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4 Source, 8 Zone Multi-Zone Amplifier

URC’s DMS audio distribution system can distribute CD-Quality audio to multiple zones in your home or commercial facility for your enjoyment. Scalabale and expanded up to handle 32 sources to 32 zones, the DMS system is easily controlled via URC’s Total Control smart automation and control system.
4 Source, 8 Zone Multi-Zone Amplifier
This multi-zone amplifier distributes CD Quality, uncompressed music throughout your home or commercial facility. Each DMS-1200 distributes up to eight zones (six powered and two pre-amplified) and delivers 50 Watts of power per channel. The system can easily expand to up to 32 zones and 32 sources with additional DMS-1200, DMS-100, DMS-IN and DMS-OUT units sharing sources over the LAN with playback in all zones synchronized without echo or delay. The parametric equalizer allows you to compensate for room acoustics, providing the best listening experience in each zone. Easily select what source you want to play in each zone of your installation using any URC Total Control touchscreen, remote, smartphone app, or via your voice with Amazon Alexa or Google Voice Assistant (all sold separately).
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