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Concerto Whole Home Audio System

This elegant system features the most superb sound experience and whole-home flexibility, thanks to a whopping eighty watts of power and sixteen possible listening zones. This system can rock every inch of your home with endless variety of your favorite music.
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Powerful digital amplification for large rooms and open space zones. Direct wiring from the amplifier to the individual rooms and speakers allow a solid signal path for clean audio transfer without distortion or interruption. 8 zones of audio so music can be shared in eight rooms, all playing the same song or different tunes at once. A variety of six different inputs (DVD, Internet Radio, SIRIUS, etc.) allows each person to customize and listen to whatever they want. Displays Song and Album information from any NuvoNet Smart Audio Source Component for easy navigation. Independent zone control so you can listen to your favorite album on the deck, while the kids listen to the Radio in the den.



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