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OE6 Three White, Indoor/Outdoor Speaker

SpeakerCraft OE6 Three White | ASM80631

In a smaller package you get the unmatched high fidelity that the THREE series is designed to provide. For more limited coverage our 6″ woofer drivers may be all you need.

The Outdoor Elements series includes eight different models to address a multiple of different exterior applications. Depending on the need, you can choose from speakers that offer five-inch, six-inch or even eight-inch woofers. Loaded into ported enclosures to dramatically enhance low frequency response, these woofers provide deep full bass to compliment any type of music.

The midrange and high frequencies are produced using advanced cone or dome drivers depending on the model. All drivers are made of space-age polymers, injection molded graphite or aluminum and are selected for sonic purity and dynamic performance. All of our Elements line of speakers are available in black or white.




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