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Z-Wave Plus™ Accessory Dimmer

Using dimmers saves money by reducing emerging consumption and dramatically extending bulb life. URC Accessory dimmers are All-load (neutral) and designed to be used with URC 500 series master dimmers add wireless 3-way control, eliminating the need for traditional 3-way wiring or dedicated traveler wires. Supports 600 Watt low-voltage (magnetic or electronic. incandescent, dimmable fluorescent or halogen bulbs and feature adjusting low-level and high level trims. Extremely easy to use, the URCL-9642 accessory dimmers feature an elector-mechanical push pad for ON/Off operation and a separate DIM/BRIGHT bar. Easily integrated with URC Total Control smart automation and control system, these dimmers can also be controlled by any URC Total Control user interface. Up to 5 accessory dimmers can be used with a master dimmer.

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