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The DMX-DALI-GATEWAY provides a full DMX universe of 512 channels as well as 64 channels of DALI control in one simple solution, to manage today’s complex lighting solutions.

Vantage provides a one-part solution, giving the installer more flexibility to integrate either in a DMX platform or a DALI platform or both at the same time if needed. This product is Ethernet based and is a native solution inside of Vantage’s Design Center software, which provides simple setup and programming of the product in to any project that requires either DMX of DALI control.

  • Full support of a universe of 512 DMX channels
  • DALI support of 64 channels of control or manage 1-16 groups
  • ON-board Web server to provide setup, testing and verification of load control
  • Vantage Object inside of Design Center 3.4
  • Native Vantage object in Design Center


FineTouch and SquareTouch share a common matrix, both have Blue/Red or Green/Red status indication and can be mechanically engraved and ink filled (7 character keycap for SquareTouch & faceplates for FineTouch) Fully compatible with TrimLine II trims and faceplates.

  • Wired ScenePoint Dimmer Technology
  • One-Gang 2, 4 or 6 button standards (custompunch available) No Trim or CipLoc
  • Mechanically engraved or left blank with choice of blue/red or green/red status indicator


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