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The EL-2000 is a high performance bullet camera with up to 150′ of nightime infrared illumination. The camera utilizes the I-Sniper chipset, which is a high performance imaging sensor with impressive 720HTVL resolution. I-Sniper cameras deliver clear, detailed images night or day and even under challenging lighting conditions. The camera incorporates the iSniper imaging chipset, allowing for outstanding WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) compensation, and superb low light performance. The optics on the camera are variable focus with a powered zoom range from 2.8-12mm. The camera is UL-approved which means its specifications have been tested and approved by Uderwriters Laboratories. Further, the EL-2000 has RS-485 communication enabling remote control of zoom/focus levels, as well as full navigation of the cameras (OSD) on-screen display. I-Sniper cameras have been custom tuned with camera settings specifically for ICRealtime’s line of DVRs, resulting in 25-45% longer recording times vs. non-optimized 3rd party cameras.