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The Standard Load dimmer Station is used to incrementally expand the control and dimming capacity of the Vantage automation and lighting control system. It is designed to easily install on standard 35 mm DIN rail and has connections to control up to four 480 wattloads at 240 VaC. The Dimmer Station can communicate with a Vantage master through a two-wire bus or a small connector onits side to orchestrate complex and elegant lighting scenes. Each load can also be independently controlled from the four buttonson the front of the housing.



Vantage’s InFusion Standard Dimming Modules (SDM12-EM) is a key component of Vantage’s lighting control solution. The SDM12-EM is mounted in a Main or Secondary Power Enclosure (IMPE or ISPE) and supports control of up to 12 standard (forward phase) loads with up to four line feeds and up to 64 total amps of load. Enclosures provide new module locking mechanisms for improved in-field plug and play installation and service; allowing modules to be quickly replaced without affecting load connections to the system. Field Serviceability is enhanced with field service alerts sent via email to installers and in-field firmware upgradable lighting control modules, an industry first. Layout of the Dimming Module is simply designed through Vantage Design Center Software.

The two additional line feeds provide added flexibility with AFCI circuit breakers compared to previous-generation models. The modules have current sensing built-in allowing enhanced conditional programming in Design Center for increased support of Energy Management scenarios. SDM12-EM series modules provide exceptional support of LED and CFL low wattage lighting (5W@120V / 12W@277V) as well as high wattage lighting loads. The SDM12-EM module is compatible with new and old enclosures using new AC terminals. Electrical specifications include the SDM12-EM having a single part number that supports 120 – 277 VAC and 50 or 60 Hz for global compatibility.

  • Supports control of up to 12 loads
  • Plug-and-play design
  • Eliminates the need for field wiring to the module
  • Can notify dealer or end user of problem by email
  • Support for AFCI breakers
  • Includes fuses to protect the module
  • Includes four additional spare fuses


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