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SpeakerCraft MT6 THREE | ASM87630

By gently caressing aluminum into cones, adding synthetic cooling liquids for heat dissipation, and adjusting the dividing network to optimally blend the bass and treble tones, the CRS6 THREE just allows you to sit back and enjoy.

The 6-inch MT series was created to address those situations where higher performance was required from an in-wall installation. Beginning with high-quality components, we created a very unique design that allowed for greater electronic and physical adjustability. We began by mounting both the midrange and tweeter drivers on a single module we call the “Uni-Pivot.” This allows the mid and high frequencies to be directed toward the listening area, a function formerly only available in a cabinet speaker. We also added individual EQ adjustments to each speaker to allow the installer to tune the speaker based on its proximity to adjacent walls or ceiling surfaces.

Since wall construction varies from house to house, we wanted to give the dealer an opportunity to improve the wall’s integrity. AcoustiCell is a revolutionary wall damping system made from a blend of sound absorbing materials that truly enhance the performance of the speaker by deadening the wall and reducing unwanted sympathetic vibrations. Still a critical part of the SpeakerCraft line, the MT series may offer the solution you are looking for.




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