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100″ In-Ceiling Tab-Tensioned Motorized Front Projection, 16:9 Screen, IR/RF Remotes, Wireless 12 volt Projector Trigger, above/below Installation Kit

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103″ In-Ceiling Tab-Tensioned, Ambient Light Rejecting Electric/Motorized Front Projection, 16:9 Screen, IR/RF Remotes, Wireless 12-volt Projector Trigger, Above/Below

The Polar Max Recessed Series is an In-Ceiling projection screen that features a tensioned ambient/ceiling light rejecting (ALR/CLR) material. Polar Star is an award-winning, ISF-Certified front projection screen material that enhances picture brightness, color, contrast, and black/white levels for use in a bright or darkroom. The screen uses a tab-tensioning system to achieve optimal flatness with surface tension uniformity. A full IR and RF remote control kit are included along with a wireless 12-volt projector trigger. The retractable design provides a big-screen performance without dedicating wall space to exclusively one purpose, enabling the viewer to enjoy greater versatility with a disappearing screen when not in use.


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