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Structured Wiring Support Cable for Home Automation, General Purpose Lan/CATV, Balun support and media transmission for residential, light commercial and institutional applications. SCP’s structured or bundled cables provide a wide combination of cables under one tough jacket. These structured cables enable faster installation times and protect against common improper installation mistakes such as exceeding bend radius, kinks, and inadvertent nicks and cuts. By combining the right combination of data, coax, speaker, and even fiber under a single jacket… you are able to future proof your residential or commercial install with one simple cable drop per room. Great for new construction and retro-fit installations. The SCP Structured-Composite cables support many technologies for data, CATV, Satellite, Audio, and high definition signals.SCP Structured-Composite cable bundled configurations include: overall PVC jacket, Siamese (bonded side by side), or Triamese (bonded side by side). Please refer to cable descriptions on pages 23-25 for exact SCP Structured-Composite cable configuration. All SCP Structured-Composite cables are In-Wall rated, NEC CM, CEC CMG FT4, RoHS, and CE. Packaged on 1000ft or 500ft spool/drum.