TailorMade Finish Options

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  • A range of finish options designed to let the customer personalize their screen
  • Upholstered leather frame finish available in a range of 34 colors
  • DécorMask™ covers the screen with an image of the customer’s choice
  • Lutron Sivoia QS® motor system
  • Full Closure masking fully masks the screen when not in use

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TailorMade Upholstered Leather Frame

  • Available in a range of 34 colors
  • Upholstered construction
  • Hand-finished by artisanal craftsmen
  • Includes personalized care pack
  • Black image border guarantees perceived contrast ratio of image and eliminates projector overscan

Screen Research’s TailorMade Leather Frame Finish is available as an option on all Reference X-Mask and Reference X-Mask TheaterCurve screens up to a maximum image width of 160″.

The exclusive finish was developed in partnership with a leading Parisian leather specialist and artisanal craftsmen in the Nantes region. Available in a range of 34 colors, the leather is fully upholstered and stitched to give a real furniture look and feel to the screen.

Each screen is provided with a personalized matching care pack so that the leather can be kept in superb condition throughoout the life of the product.

To ensure that video performance is not compromised by any light reflecting off of the leather frame, a new black image border has been introduced into the design. This ensures that the perceived image contrast ratio is maintained and that any projector overscan is eliminated, giving the projected image a clean, crisp edge.

TailorMade Finish Option: DécorMask

  • Full screen height vertical mask
  • Minimum 100 dpi custom CMYK print image
  • Client chooses their own image
  • Residential and commercial applications

DécorMask is Screen Research’s TailorMade finish option that allows the user to hide the projection surface completely when not in use with an image of their choice.

Screen Research’s two-way laterally-masked Reference X-Mask screen (up to 160″ image width) is fitted with a third, vertical mask that descends to cover the entire screen surface. The DécorMask is printed with a high resolution image provided by the end-user, to which they own the copyright, as a vector graphic file. This could be, for example, a favourite work of art or photograph.

TailorMade Full Closure Masking

  • Lateral masks close fully to conceal and protect the screen surface when not in use
  • Requires the specification of the Lutron Sivioa QS motor option

Screen Research’s TailorMade Full Closure masking option allows the screen surface to be concealed when the screen is not in use by allowing the lateral image-masks to close fully. This can be used to protect the screen surface, to keep it clean or simply to conceal it.

The Full Closure masking option is available on a select number of screens and requires the additional specification of the TailorMade Lutron Sivoia QS motor option.

TailorMade Lutron Sivoia QS Motor Option

  • Ultra-quiet motor drive system with precision helical gear design
  • Sivoia QS system operates at near-silent level (44 dBA at 1m)
  • Step-by-step precision positioning
  • Available on all on-ceiling motorized drop down screens up to a maximum size of 110″
  • Requires Lutron control system such as HomeWorks® or GRAFIK Eye®

The TailorMade Lutron Sivoia QS motor option is available on a wide range of motorized drop down screens and selected models from the Reference X-Mask range. The precision positioning feature of the motor permits the specification of Screen Resaerch’s unique TailorMade Full Closure masking option on Reference X-Mask screens.

As well as offering near-silent motor operation, specification of the Lutron QS motor offers seamless integration into a Lutron control system such as HomeWorks® or GRAFIK Eye®. This allows complete integration of screen operation, lighting and equipment control for the total home theater experience at the touch of a button.


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