WyreStorm 6×6 HDBaseT Matrix Switcher with HDMI Mirror Outputs, 2-Way IR and QuickSync™

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The WyreStorm PP range builds upon the popularity of our dual cable PRO range of dual Cat5e HD Matrix Products and our full HDBaseT matrix range to offer the very best in affordable single cable AV distribution and control.

Never has so much been possible for so little.

Using the very latest Class B HDBaseT platform, products in the PP matrix range provide single cable transmission of Full 1080p HD Video, HD Audio and bidirectional control via IR from a centralised AV location to displays located up to 70m/230ft away using unshielded or shielded Cat5e/Cat6 cable, with additional control achievable via RS232 including full compatibility and integration with leading control systems.

Additionally, PP matrices retain duplicate HDMI outputs, mirrored to the HDBaseT Output, that allow simple and hassle-free connection of local devices such as AV receivers, but also importantly provide connection to additional displays, essentially doubling  the number of connectable outputs, as well as offering opportunities to use non-Cat5e cable formats by using various WyreStorm Extender products.

The Pro Plus range of HDBaseT Products, brought to you by WyreStorm.  Innovation for Inspired Integration.

Feature List

  • 6 HDMI Inputs & 6 HDMI Outputs over Cat5e/6 (plus additional 8 duplicate HDMI ports mirrored to HDBT Outputs)
  • Single cable output for all HD Video/Audio using HDBaseT platform with bi-directional IR control
  • Additional control via LAN, RS232 and RS485
  • Full EDID Management (including 3D), HDCP Compliant
  • Compact 2U Design with integrated PSU
  • Drivers available for all main control systems

* When using shielded cable, please ensure you use shielded RJ45 connectors and terminate the grounding wire at both ends of the cable.