WyreStorm 8×8 HDBaseT Matrix Switcher with S/PDIF Optical, Stereo Audio Outputs, 2-Way IR

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The Sound Choice.

An audio-centric variation on the WyreStorm PP matrix range, the MX-0808-PP-AUD features Class B HDBaseT supporting distribution of full 1080p HD video, HD multichannel audio and two-way IR control from a centralized location over distances up to 70m/230ft using unshielded or shielded Cat5e/Cat6 cable, with additional control via LAN with the latest WyreStorm Web GUI interface and RS232 with full integration with leading control systems.

In addition to HDMI inputs, the MX-0808-PP-AUD features a enhanced audio connectivity via SPDIF optical and analog stereo audio outputs mirrored to the HDBaseT outputs, for even greater ease of connection to third party audio amplification and multi-room audio systems as well as reducing switching required between devices for improved AV performance.

This latest generation of the MX-0808-PP-AUD also includes the latest in LAN control with the all new WyreStorm Web GUI for control of source/display switching and matrix configuration accessed via a web browser using the matrix IP address.

The MX-0808-PP-AUD offers versatility and reliability of signal distribution, combined with innovative features and an ease of use to deliver HD audio, video and control that removes the need for additional control and video cables on installations, whether in a residential or commercial setting.

Features include:

  • 8 HDMI Inputs to 8 HDBaseT Outputs over Cat5e/6 using powerful HDBaseT transmission technology
  • Transmission modules include additional optical and analog audio output mirrored to HDBaseT outputs
  • Single cable output for all HD Video/Audio using HDBaseT platform with bi-directional IR control
  • Additional control via RS232, RS485 with intuitive new web interface for LAN control
  • Comprehensive EDID Management (Including full 3D), HDCP Compliant

* ensure shielded RJ45 connectors are used and grounding wire terminated at both ends when using sheilded cable.